About us

We created a place where everyone can find help.

We bring together therapists working under various approaches in order to best respond to the needs of all people looking for support. The name of our place, “It’s going to be alright” is not only a promise - it is an assurance that can give you strength to start working on yourself and your situation when it is the most difficult in life.

Optimism emerges from faith in yourself (…). It’s not about saying things are good when they’re not, and it’s not about conveying some blind faith that “things will work out.” It’s about believing in your and others’ abilities.
– Bob Iger, former CEO of Disney

We are a group of friends who, over the course of years, became colleagues. We wanted to create a place where people from all age groups can find a right path of psychotherapy. Every one of us specializes in different fields so that we can precisely apply our abilities to all your struggles.

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Educated specialists

Our team is constantly improving its qualifications.
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Provides the highest standard of therapy.
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Care for everyone

We work with clients of all ages.