Family consultations

Parental consultations are a form of support aimed at parents and guardians who face challenges in raising children and teenagers. The goal of these consultations is to provide parents with tools and strategies that help them better understand and respond to the needs of their children, as well as to manage their emotions and stress related to parenting. During the meetings, the psychotherapist focuses on specific educational problems, helps analyze and understand the behavior of children, and offers practical advice.

In parental consultations, a psychologist can assist in identifying and managing various parenting challenges, such as communication issues, dealing with difficult behaviors of children, or matters related to emotional and social development. Parents receive support in understanding the developmental stages of the child, which allows them to better adjust their educational methods. Meetings can also focus on strategies for building positive relationships with children, effective communication, and skillful conflict resolution.

These consultations also provide a space for parents to reflect on their experiences and emotions related to parenting. The psychologist can help in understanding how one’s beliefs, experiences, and parenting styles affect relationships with children. This is not only an opportunity to gain knowledge but also emotional support, which is essential in effective and satisfying parenthood.

Such meetings are conducted every 2-4 weeks, according to the assessment of the leading psychologist and parental needs.