Stanisław Szwed

Psychologist, psychotherapist for individuals, couples, and families in the psychodynamic and systemic methods.


📞 514-937-376


Polish, Portuguese, English

Psychologist (graduated in Psychology at the Philosophical Faculty of Jagiellonian University in Krakow) and certified psychotherapist of the Polish Psychiatric Association PTP. Completed the overall course of systemic-psychodynamic psychotherapy organized by KONTEKST Foundation in Krakow. He performs a psychotherapy in the psychodynamic paradigm with the elements of systemic therapy. Also works with couples and marriages who struggle with emotional and communicational issues. His core therapeutic activities gather around working with adults suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, interpersonal difficulties, as well as with the patients in the midst of developmental and stress-activated crises. He gained his professional experiences working e.g. in Krakowski Instytut Psychoterapii(KIP), Centrum Dobrej Terapii and Centrum Terapii DIALOG, also completing the internships at Dr Jozef Babinski Psychiatric Hospital in Krakow-Kobierzyn.

He also participated in various psychoterapeutic trainings, such as MBT therapeutic method workshops, SOFTA Family Therapy Observation tool, workshops regarding institutional aspects of psychotherapeutic interventions organized by Tavistock and Portman NHS Clinic of London and RBT (Rational Behavior Therapy)treatment method. He also provides consultations and therapy in English and Portuguese. Works under supervision of the licensed Supervisors of Polish Psychiatric Association and Polish Psychological Association.